The Eyes of Tammy Faye – Great acting but depressing af

First off, if you have depressive tendencies, I advise avoiding this movie altogether. I am a happy go lucky person and this movie made me depress af. Make no mistake, this is a Jessica Chastain vehicle. She managed to shine behind all those heavy facial prosthetic to make her feature look similar to the real Tammy Faye. Andrew Garfield also did a terrific job playing Jim Baker but he did not dissappear into his role the way Jessica morphed herself into Tammy Faye. Maybe because Andrew is so recognizable as Spiderman and have that hipster lanky boy body that no amount of prosthetic or costume can turn him into the tiny Jim Baker.
For those who never lived through the ’80s, this is a bit of pop culture history lesson, revisiting one of the most scandalous event of that era. But to watch Tammy Faye lived through her life from repressive child to national renown and then plunged back to obscurity in her old age is enough to get you in a depressive mood. That’s a testament of how the incredibly skilled artists who made this story come to life in the way that it thoroughly affect the audiences’ psyche. You have been forewarned.