TITANE- Most original & great euro arthouse film.

For those of you who have been waiting for the next Bizarre French arthouse shock cinema, the wait is over and your prayer has been answered in the form of TITANE. By any account, this movie should not work based on the sheer strangeness of the plot, but to my delight, it actually does work. Thanks for the amazing cast and raw visceral acting power of all its cast. Everyone is putting out 500% effort into their performances and it really showed. Director Julia Ducournau must be some kind of Pier Piper to be able to coach award winning performances from all the actors/actresses in this movie.
The trailer and opening of the movie teased you and piqued your curiosities with visuals of skimpy hot babes writhing around on top of souped up muscle cars. Once you are pulled into the narrative through that visual, the mind-fuck really start from there. The script could really be divided into two completely different worlds but somehow they managed to interconnect perfectly into one coherent storyline.
I went into this movie knowing nothing about it and so should you in order to experience the full shock value. This movie is categorized as horror but that is a cheap labelling for a movie with such an original storyline and top notch acting. If you love Euro shock cinema, go see it. You’ll thank me later.
PS: the title is the French word for the metal TITANIUM