No Time to Die – Long awaited sequel with long run time.

Almost 3 years had passed since principal photography wrapped for this movie. Finally the studio released it to the public. I have a feeling the gamble to hold on to the film will pay off in the end. After all, this is Daniel Craig’s last Bond outing and the anticipation to this movie is sky high. However, I have to warn that this movie, including the trailers, will take up over 3 hours of your time. It is also at times move very slow and the film maker tried to put some intrigue to the storyline but in the end, you just know anyone Bond is after is a bad guy and that’s the basic plot in every bond movie no matter what excuse the bad guy come up with trying to justify his doomsday plot. I am not for one to spoil any movie for you with my review so the less I divulge here the better your enjoyment will be if you choose to watch this movie. Would I say this is the best Bond movie ever? No. Is it watchable? Yes, even though I wish it moves faster with more editing. It also pack some surprising emotional punch, which didn’t happen in the usual Bond films.