The Rescue – Don’t miss this incredible gem.

From the duo directors who made the academy award winning FREE SOLO documentary, come this incredible edge-of-your-seat gem. You know the story of the 13 children who were trapped inside the cave and the thousands of people from all around the world who came together for this massive rescue mission to bring the children out of the flooded cave. But what you know and see in the news are only about 20% of the whole detail and harrowing effort of the rescue.
This documentary give you almost the first person account of the rescue effort. The film makers were gifted over 87 hours of go pro footage strapped on the navy seals dive gears that give you the POV of what took place underwater, the first discovery of the children alive, and the wide view of the massive rescue team inside the giant cavern of a cave that will soon flooded over as the monsoon poured more water into the cave.
The story was riveting, gut wrenching and very emotional. If you didn’t shed a tear during the viewing of this documentary. you need to check your pulse. I will not be surprised if these duo film makers won another oscar for this monumental effort of getting behind the scene footage and stitch together a very coherent story telling. There will be a Netflix mini series coming about the children who were lost in the cave, and Ron Howard is in the post production stage of his movie about the unlikely British group of hobbyist cave diver who, through their extensive experience and death-defying skill in exploring long deep caves, saved the children from their imminent mortality inside the cave. Do not miss this great docu.