Dune – A Sci Fi Masterpiece

First off, I am not a fan of Dune book nor I the old movie version directed by David Lynch starring Kyle Maclachlan with Sting in stunt casting. So going into this screening is not an anticipated event for me. I went because Denis Villeneuve is one of my all time favorite director. He did an okay job with the Blade Runner sequel, imho. But half an hour into Dune, I am completely enchanted by the beautiful yet alien world he created. By the end of three hour run time, I did not want this movie to end. That’s when I realized I had been hypnotized by this impeccably crafted movie with stunning cinematography and compelling story line. What a modern sci fi masterpiece! It’s been a long while movie audiences are gifted a movie in this caliber. This is a movie that truly need to be seen on the biggest possible screen to get the full impact of the visual story telling. To see it in any thing smaller, is to deprive the experience. This is a movie that demand your utter attention. Not the kind of movie you watch at your big screen tv at home that will allow you to pause it at any time to go to the bathroom or made popcorn in the kitchen then go back to watching the movie. This movie demand your undivided attention in one sitting.
Did I mention this movie receive a raucuous hand clapping when the credit roll during my screening. Do yourself a favor and book your ticket on an IMAX screening at your earliest convenience.