Antlers – Creepily atmospheric

Director Scott Cooper directed three of the most watchable indie movie in the last 10 years. All his movie carried this element of velvet-y dark cinematography with Rembrandt lighting quality awash his characters in almost every scene. He brought the same arresting visual in to this movie but cranked down the lights even lower to increase the foreboding creepiness of every scene he’s trying to milk for scariness. He managed to elicit electifying performances from all his actors and actresses and this time it’s no difference. I have never seen Keri Russell look so tortured and moody as she is in this movie. This is a movie with top notch acting that happen to be a slow-burn, classy creature-feature horror flick. Every character is disposable and death await them on every dark corner of the scene. This is what happen when you give a horror movie to a talented indie director to direct. He elevated the simple set up and straight forward storyline with his talent, impeccable timing, and good taste.