Eternals– Superheroes, but make it melancholy.

Marvel is betting on the fact that in 13 years time since the debut of the first Ironman, its fan following have grown up and are ready for a superhero movie with darker, and soulful storyline so they present Eternals to its core audience. Turned out the result is mixed because contrary to Marvel’s prediction, some of its fan base are stuck in adolescent mode forever and could not relate to superhero movies with more philosophical and downright existential premise. This is the first Marvel movie that make you think and leave you with the feels long after you have seen it. Much like one of those deeply affecting foreign movies that we love so much. The fact that with all its deeply affecting messages, the movie never came off preachy or contrived is a gigantic achievement. Add to that the ability of director Chloe Zhao in making the audiences care for all 10 ensemble characters is a testament of her assured, skillful directing ability. If you have read the review by others that starting to flood in to the media, you know this movie elicit a very polarizing opinions. You either trash it or embrace it. I am with the latter team. Watch it on Imax and let it stay around in your a few days after the second post credit scene faded out from the big screen.