Last Night in Soho – Admirable effort but chaotic

I really want to like this movie going in because the trailer look very promising. I also like what Edgar Wright did in Baby Driver so I had high expectation going into this movie. Sadly. this movie is barely passable and fall right below a “netflix movie” level, now that Netflix has been cranking out impressive, original and interesting movies with top notch production.
The film maker tried to surprise the audiences with a big plot twist in the end but by then, the chaotic scenes throughout the movie had cause a lost of interest in my part. The mash-up of murder-mystery with horror and a big heaping of retro nostalgia did work at some point, until it did not and become a liability of this movie. This movie also made the charming and historical streets of modern London look like a shitty, decrepit urban city of any-town in the first-world country. Anya Taylor-Joy did her best to make her character mysterious and enticing. Nobody work harder in this movie than Thomasin McKenzie to carry the entire load of scene chewing shots on her shoulder to keep the story afloat. You might enjoy this movie when you are stuck in a 8 hour transatlantic flight with nothing else to watch.