Spencer – As bad as the 2016 JACKIE

This movie fall into the category of “Why was this movie ever got made” and “Who was foolish enough to finance a trainwreck like this” kind of movie. Just like the 2016 Jackie, this time around, the Hollywood starlet lured into the premise of tour-de-force performance piece kinda role by director Pablo Larrain is the beautiful Kristen Stewart. She was rendered to speaking in soft, breathy voice with a barely passable fake English accent. Her words are hard to hear and every time she speak, the volume were dialed high to the point of unrealistic in order for her words to be heard. It’s an exercise of futility because most of what she said was still hard to hear. In this film, you will be force to watch, mostly in close up, 111 minutes of princes Diana being her absolutely depressing, and miserable self. That wasn’t a pleasant experience at all. The opening of the title disclaim that this movie is a ‘fable’. I certainly hope so because who can live in such a constant misery and still going through life like a robot. In one sequence of multiple wardrobe changes, it was clear that the film makers just want to shoot a Hollywood actress playing dress up as Lady Diana, so they wrote a ridiculously uninteresting script to disguise it as a movie to pick up financial backing to make it. Two thumbs down from me.