House of Gucci – Slow and Long

The Gucci family saga was surprisingly unknown to anyone who live outside the European Continent and not a fan of fashion. This movie further dramatized the already-notorious life of the Gucci family with the help of top notch acting talents like Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Adam Driver and last but not least Lady GaGa herself, playing the titular character Patrizia Reggiani, whose insertion into the Gucci clan cause the unraveling of the tight knit Gucci clan that resulted in the catastrophic destruction of their lives.
This movie plods in a slow pace to build the back story of how Patrizia methodically seduced and snared Maurizio Gucci as the entrance into the famous Gucci clan. The tempo of the movie picked up slightly when Maurizio become half of the stakeholder of the Gucci family. From that point on, the movie become exciting to watch but it took a good hour and a half before we get to that point. Did I mention that this movie is over two and a half hour long? If you are a fan of fashion, or a big fan of the Gucci brand, this movie might worth your time. But if you don’t feel like going to the movie to find out about the Gucci Clan melodrama, there are a couple of youtube documentary videos that accurately tell the entire saga in a short hour-long bite.