West Side Story – A remake no one asked for

The trailer to this movie that played in constant rotation in cinemas for months did not entice me to go see this movie. I chalked it off as another remake no one asked for. Then I read the review on Associated Press where it waxed poetic about how the director, writer, song composer, basically the whole team of filmmakers got together and triumphantly created a better version of the movie that far excelled over the original version. That was what get me to go see this remake. I have to say, it was very well shot. Mr Spielberg know how to grab the audience’s attention with the opening shot of a rubble that would become the up and coming Lincoln Center complex. That relatability and familiarity connect the otherwise dated storyline with the new audiences. The cinematography was very good to look at as well. Unfortunately, that’s where the appeal of this movie ends. If the film makers think by casting all new young actors will draw and appeal the movie to the young generation, they’d be wrong because all the young audiences in my screening were LOL to the wrong scene and worst, LOL at the most tragic scene of the movie. Why you ask? It’s because the new audiences grew up on reality shows and instant emotional payback of watching snippets in tik tok. This over-dramatize set up of tragic scenes are so artificial to them that it took them out of the moment and they couldn’t help but burst into laughter. As I had declare on the title of this post, this movie truly is the remake no one asked for. The original version is fine as it is. I truly hope Mr. Spielberg conduct a focus group with real teenagers who are not peers of his kids who live in Hollywood or Malibu before embarking into a journey to make a movie that is supposed to appeal to that demographic.