Death on the Nile – more ancient than a grandmother’s clock

This second remake of the Agatha Christie’s classic is not getting better in pacing and storyline.
I read a review saying the CGI landscape of Egypt is distracting. I beg the differ, sir. The CGI is the most visually captivating part of this entire movie. I bet the reviewer have never been to Egypt as I had. The real Egyptian landscape would look absolutely horrendous if it’s shot for this movie. How are the film makers going to be able to get rid of all the hundreds of hoodlums and tourist scammers who littered the ground of the Pyramids. Cleaning the murky river Nile and its trashy river banks just to shoot this movie will cost millions and will be a futile attempt. Let’s not get side track from the actual review of this movie. If you want to have a good sleep in the cinema, this movie will do it for you. The slow pacing and old school style dialogue really put a damper in this movie. The film makers should take heed when KNIVES OUT was released and learn a lesson or two from that movie in terms of modernizing the script and story pacing. But they did not so they ended up with this big plodding slow poke currently playing at the cinemas near you.