The Cursed – Creepy and Atmospheric

Directed by the terrific Sean Ellis, who also shot the cinematography himself (hence the magnificent mood and visual of this movie), this little gothic horror is a must see. The movie moves slowly but don’t mistake it with being boring. This movie is far from boring. It grab hold of you visually from the opening scene and keep you glued to the screen until the end. For those who is unaware, Sean Ellis started his career as the photo assistant to the great British fashion photographer Nick Knight. Mr. Ellis later on become the one of the most sought after and most prolific fashion photographer himself. Even today, none of the current fashion shooter can hold a candle to Mr. Ellis’ fashion work. At the height of his fashion photography career, Mr. Ellis decided to quit and pivot his focus on cinematography and directing. He started with advertising , music video, short film, and gradually landed in the role of the director. His first movie CASHBACK ‘s visual coolness still hold up in present viewing. He is way ahead of his time when it come to his taste in visuals. Let’s not have this write up be solely about Mr. Ellis and look at this terrific latest effort of his retelling of a classic monster tale. Only someone like Mr Ellis can reimagine an often-told monster classic and put his own spin on it to make it fresh and immensely watchable. Boyd Holbrook did a terrific job as a pathologist happened to pass by the village that is plagued with death in the middle of the Cholera pandemic. When I met and become acquainted with Mr. Holbrook many years ago, I never would have imagine him to become one of the best actor of his generation. Now that I have lost touch with him and only able to enjoy his presence in movies and Netflix series, he never ceased to surprise me with his selective choices of interesting characters in all the roles he took on. May he continue to thrive and be one of the great actor in the business. My final note is go see this movie and be entertained. This is not the kind of movie with jump-scares. It is a taut and well-shot gothic horror with fantastic atmospheric setting.