X (2022) – A solid throwback slasher

This homage slasher did everything right. From the mood, the 70’s style cinematography, perfect casting, to the sex and gore; every aspect come together to become X. Mia Goth and Brittany Murphy hold nothing back to make their roles believable as porn starlets out to make some good smut in a rented farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. Everything about this movie is a set up for all the creep-fest and gore to come but you’ll still startled by what you see. Disturbing, unsettling, and bound to be a new slasher favorite for the fans of the genre. The director revealed that he offer Mia Goth a role in the prequel of the movie (called Pearl) right after they wrapped filming X and she gladly accepted. This movie is solid entertainment that will sure make your eyes glued to the screen from beginning to the end.