Ambulance – Finally, a fun Bayhem movie

Anyone who is familiar with a Michael Bay movie should already know his signature frenetic and ultra-kinetic camera works. You would expect at least a couple of amazing car chases or bombastic action sequences. But you would also expect some cheesy dialogue or over-acting from the much of the casts.
But what you do not expect is that Michael Bay finally realize audiences go his movies mainly for those over the top action scenes. In Ambulance, he cut through all the bs and go straight to the action, and keep the momentum going throughout the movie. This movie is literally one big car chase but don’t let that plot set up dissuade you from watching. The script is a clever one because it managed to pack some serious comedy, jerry rigged between intense and serious action scenes, and an unexpected touching moment towards when you least expect it. Eliza Gonzales finally get to shine in a movie she’s in and she more than hold her own between the two macho megastars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. After a long spell of awful, bloated and dull films he made in the last decade, it’s about time we get to finally see a genuinely fun, edge-of-your-seat, and no-nonsense explosive action movie like this from Michael Bay.
I almost forgot to mention the incredible drone shots in this entire movie. Those shots pump up the kinetic element of the movie to the #th degree. Michael Bay hired the 19 year old champion FVP drone flier to helm all the aerial drone shots. I don’t even want to guess how many expensive drones strapped with the RED KOMODO camera that got destroyed capturing all those insane action shots.