You Won’t Be Alone – What an incredible and profound movie

If Terrence Malick shot a horror movie, it will look something like this. But this movie surpassed all my expectation and then some. And I went in expecting for it to be exceptional, given all the glowing reviews given by major media outlet on this little Australian-financed foreign movie.
Like myself, the rest of the audiences during the screening of this movie were mind-blown into stunned silence and remained on our seats while the end credit rolled, to process what we all just watched. It’s no small wonder Vanity Fair magazine called it the BEST movie of 2022!
The fact that so many film critics interpret the metaphor in the scenes and came up with a variety of meaning is the proof that this movie had elevated itself into an interpretative art piece.

Taking place in 19th century Macedonia, the movie is filled with metaphor and hidden existential allegory.
It is categorized as horror but this movie transcend that genre barrier to be an art cinema that happened to broach the subjects usually reserved for scary movies.
And yes, it dove into dark, macabre territories like death, sex, and cannibalism, with all the unsettling visuals to back it up. But none of those scenes felt gratuitous and they are essential part of the whole story telling. I never once felt spooked or experienced a single jump scare but this movie really get under my skin. Another winner in the horror genre destined to be the new classic which will be held up as the new gold standard all future horror movie will be compared to. It is subtly profound, hauntingly beautiful, with complex and sweeping cinematic narrative that will stay with you long after you watched it. if you love the movies of Von Trier, Ari Aster, Robert Eggers, and Tomas Alfredson, you are going to enjoy this movie immensely.