Top Gun Maverick – A sequel we did’nt know we needed

This movie far surpassed my expectation. I know going in that this movie is going to ride on the nostalgia from the first movie. However it will get boring very fast if that is the only card it has to play through the entire movie. Fortunately, this movie has many cards under its sleeve and able to turned itself into a very watchable and entertaining piece of nostalgic cinema. It managed to make the premise new again for the young generation to enjoy while pleases the original generation who enjoy the first top gun some three and a half decade ago. If you go through the review on IMDB, you will very quickly notice that there not a SINGLE bad review written about this movie. It is a testament that Tom Cruise and his film making team had delivered exactly what the audiences wanted. That is no easy feat in the era where Marvel movies rule over the box office. It is even a bigger miracle that the is not a frame of CGI used in the entire movie of Top Gun: Marverick. Tom Cruise insisted on shooting the movie with practical effects the way they did it in the original Top Gun when there were no CGI were used due to their budget constraint at the time CGI has not been invented. The dawn of CGI was yet to come, with Jurassic Park being the first movie to fully used it to great effect in the 90s. There is a youtube documentary feature about how this entertaining movie get made without any CGI. Here is the link to that fun documentary if you are interested in watching it. I thoroughly enjoy the movie. It was fun, suspenseful, and an enjoyable trip down memory lane that I did not know I needed, until I watched this movie. When the first note of music from Top Gun Theme from Harold Faltermeyer started playing on screen, audiences got really emotional listening to that familiar song. It feels like being back in the time most of the Top Gun fans were young men and women in their early teens/twenties and the future was bright and promised a world full of possibilities.