Crimes of The Future – Not for everyone

For those who love body horror of Cronenberg’s movies, you will feel at home here. But boy Mr. Cronenberg really pushes the tolerable limit of his followers here. I went into the screening without knowing anything about the premise and I was wildly confuse by all the visuals shown in the first 20 minutes. Gradually, I get sucked into the world this movie revealed and everything made perfect sense. That was the genius of visual narration of David Cronenberg at work. The casts are fantastic in exuding their ultimate weirdness to amp up the uniqueness of the premise. Shot in the dilapidated parts of Athens, Greece, subbing as the run down world of the future, this movie managed to keep the budget low yet able to sell the audiences on the vision of a futuristic world where the environment had crumbled like a dilapidated flop house. During my screening, many of the audiences enthusiastically applauded and yell bravo to the screen when the scene ended abruptly and the credit started rolling while some audiences, in the minority few, were in a dazed trying to figure out what they had just watched. Polarizing indeed.