Watcher – Slow but watchable

I have travelled to many parts of Eastern Europe so when the movie opens with the visual of streets and building of Bucharest, it feels nostalgically familiar. When the lead characters went in to their new apartment, it look and felt like an exact apartment that I used to stay in on that region of the world. Everything about the location sets the tone to this movie. It feels like one of the lead character in the movie. Maika Monroe definitely made this movie watchable. The camera really exploited her facial expression to amp up the fear factor and it worked. This is a very slow burn movie that masterfully shift the stalker and stalkee role back and forth to cause misdirection, crank up the suspense factor, and keep the audiences guessing. By the time the shockingly gruesome last act took place, this slasher movie delivered in its final scene what the horror fans were looking for in a movie like this. A jolt off your seat horror suspense flick that is a bit different from what was expected. But that pay off took a slow, long round about way to get there.