Bullet Train – One fun, thrill ride

This movie would be one of those Tarantino narrative wanna-be flick if not for the excellent Brad Pitt anchoring the chaotic plot. It has bold, streamlined plot with multiple flash backs that’s surprisingly easy to follow. The action was fantastic thanks to the deft direction by ex-stuntman David Leitch and the CGI was top notch, which lent this movie that colossal summer blockbuster feel, yet still retain its intimate character developments. You will not be disappointed if you come for a fun, action-packed thrill ride. But you will be pleasantly surprised to find out there is a coherent storyline tucked into the plot. All the characters are very memorable due to their quirks and personality presented through their backstories. Watching Bullet Train is the most fun I had in the theatres this Summer. Did I mentioned there were a couple of hilarious, uncredited cameos by big Hollywood stars in this movie? Yeah, that was extra-bonus comedy.