Fall – Sweaty palms inducing

I strongly discourage you to watch FALL if you have acrophobia because this will be an excruciating movie to watch. I was on perpetual sweaty palms and curling toes for a whole hour once these two adrenalin junkies start climbing that 2000 ft rusty metal pole. The plot to this movie is thin if exists at all, and the bulk of the movie consists of these two women being stranded 2000 feet above the ground on a platform barely large enough for them to sit on.
To get the full effect of the movie, you need to watch it on the biggest screen possible to experience the danger of height the film maker intended.
Scenes that involved crazy stunts these women tried to do to save themselves genuinely made my palms sweat and my legs twitched. They did not just sit on that little platform for the whole hour. That would be a big time waster and not much of a movie to made. The cinematography was very good to convey the vast vista and the dizzying height of the tower. The two leads was not very charismatic but they serve the purpose but the tension and suspense are what make this movie watchable and keep audiences on the edge of their seats.
The film maker know why the audiences show up to this movie and determined to give them plenty of what they’re there for. To experience fear. If you can curb your fear of height, I highly recommend this movie.