Don’t Worry Darling – Déjå Vu storyline

When I went to this opening night of this movie, the cinema was jam packed with all beautiful teenagers in the audiences. Clearly there mainly to witness Harry Styles flexing his acting muscle. However, that is the only remarkable experience I took from this movie.
I was asking the people around me if they are aware of the Stepford Wives, movie from the 1975 that was again remade in 2004 starring Nicole Kidman. Not a single person knew what I was talking about. It goes to show you the genius of Olivia Wilde to recognize the generation gap and remake this movie without ever mentioning that it was a remake. She knew the demography of audiences who come to watch Florence Pugh and Harry Styles will have no idea of what Stepford Wives is.
Nonetheless, the story was tweaked to fit the new generation of audiences and injected with enough weird scenes to add the creep factor to the movie. The ending was also changed to add mystery to the conclusion of the tale. I would say go see it if you have no clue what it is about. It is a light thriller that got elevated from the terrific performance of Florence Pugh and Chris Pine.